Exxon's at it again: they're pressuring Arkansas TV stations near the site of the Mayflower tar sands oil spill not to air our climate change PSA.

Inexcusable. They can't silence us, or the people of Arkansas. Help us spread the word:

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People have pledged to watch "Exxon Hates Your Children" as soon as it airs in their area.

Me too!

Thank You!

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Houston, TX

Fox News Channel
  • Tuesday 2/12 6p-8p AND 9:30pm-11:30pm

Denver, CO

Fox News Channel
  • Tuesday 2/12 6p-7p AND 9:30pm-10:30pm

Exxon has tried to silence us. Our ad was scheduled to air during Tuesday night's State Of The Union coverage - but Exxon threatened Comcast at the last minute. Our groundbreaking commercial was kept off the air because of a cease and desist demand from Exxon.

Click here to add your voice to tell Exxon that they can't silence us.

New York, NY

  • Friday 1/11 9p-10p Rachel Maddow
  • Saturday 1/12 8a-10a UP with Chris Hayes

Washington, DC

  • Friday 1/11 8p-9p Rachel Maddow
  • Saturday 1/12 7a-9a UP with Chris Hayes
  • Sunday 1/13 7a-9a UP with Chris Hayes

Denver, CO

  • Friday 1/11 7p-8p Rachel Maddow
  • Saturday 1/12 6a-8a UP With Chris Hayes

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