BIG NEWS: We are taking it to the belly of the beast. This history-making crowdsourced TV ad will be airing on Fox News before and after the State of the Union.

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Subject: I can't believe Fox News is airing this ad
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It's not often that Fox News allows the real truth about dirty energy companies to get on the air, but somehow we've managed to make them do it. This Tuesday in Exxon's own backyard, Fox News will be airing an ad that tells it like it is -- how Exxon Hates Your Children.

You should really check out this ad. It's the most truthful thing I think will ever air on Fox News. Check it out at and be sure to spread the word!


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Fox Air Times

Houston, TX

Fox News Channel
  • Tuesday 2/12 6p-8p AND 9:30pm-11:30pm

Denver, CO

Fox News Channel
  • Tuesday 2/12 6p-7p AND 9:30pm-10:30pm